The best gym (gimnasio) in Buenos Aires

Gimnasio Buenos Aires

The best gym in Buenos Aires is the Megatlon in Barrio Norte. For anyone who knows anything about Buenos Aires gyms (gimnasios), the name Megatlon should be familiar. Megatlon is the largest chain of gyms in the city. There are more then 20 locations and, in general, the facilities (and prices) far outpace all of their rivals.

The thing to know about Megatlon, though, is that not all their gyms are created equal. The one in Villa Crespo is in need of a major upgrade and the relatively puny one in the Alto Palermo shopping mall really has no excuse for charging the prices they do.

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A kid-friendly cafe in Buenos Aires

Casa Mua

A kid-friendly cafe is the sort of place you likely wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t have a toddler. Luckily, Casa Mua in Palermo Soho is down with the trend and provide just the tonic parents needs to keep both them and their little ones sane.

My reference for kid-friendly cafes is Lil’ Bean N’ Green in Toronto. The premise at Casa Mua is the same but it’s set up a bit differently. Here’s what you need to know:

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The best vegetarian empanadas in Buenos Aires

Vegetarian EmpanadasThe best vegetarian empanadas in Buenos Aires can be found at La Esquina de las Flores in Palermo Soho. This vegetarian cafe, bakery and restaurant bakes up what seems like endless varieties – corn (choclo), tofu, chard (acelga), squash (calabaza – my personal favourite), eggplant (berenjena) and a whole lot more. They’re best experienced hot out of the oven (usually anytime around or before lunch) but withstand the rigours of a quick heat-up when purchased later in the day.

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The best sportswear store in Buenos Aires

Just For Sport Buenos AiresThere are no shortage of sportswear stores in Buenos Aires. In fact, it’s tough to avoid them in the malls and the main shopping districts. I’ve been genuinely surprised how many standalone Nike, Adidas and Puma stores (and their associated outlet stores) dot this city. But none of them represent the best option for buying a new pair of running shoes, shorts or a football (soccer) jersey.

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The best croissant in Buenos Aires

Croissant Buenos AiresThe best croissant in Buenos Aires isn’t the media luna that comes with your morning coffee. While I enjoy this ubiquitous pint sized pastry as much as the next Porteno, for a proper French croissant I need to get my fill at one of the two locations of Le Ble – one at Alvarez Thomas 899 and the other at Dorrego 999.

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A beach in Buenos Aires

Beach Buenos Aires

A beach in Buenos Aires? During the months of January and February each year, the City creates two temporary “urban beaches” known as the Buenos Aires Playa. Earlier this week I checked out the one in the north of Buenos Aires in Parque de los Ninos. While I found the beach almost impossible to get to without a car (we took Bus 29 to the end of the line in Nunez and then walked a convoluted path next to some highway on/off ramps), the journey was worth the reward.

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Where to listen to bongos in Buenos Aires

Bongos Buenos AiresBongos in Buenos Aires can be found on weekends at Parque Centenario in Once. The most reliable time to go is late Sunday afternoon where there might be more than one group drumming away. It’s a large park so just listen for and walk toward the music.

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