The Best Frozen Yogurt in Buenos Aires

Frozen Yogurt Buenos Aires

Frozen yogurt is all the rage in North America, although it’s probably past its peak. In Buenos Aires, The frozen yogurt landscape is still far from saturated and, as far as I can tell, the city has yet to experience the wonders of self-serve frozen yogurt, an infinitely better Fro Yo experience because you can precisely control the amount of yogurt and toppings in your cup. Plus, it’s more fun.

Nevertheless, Buenos Aires does have at least a handful of frozen yogurt spots worth checking out. Zog is probably the more popular of the bunch. It has two locations – one in the Alto Palermo shopping mall and the other in Palermo Soho directly across from Plaza Armenia. There’s plenty of seating (including a back patio) and three sizes of Fro Yo that come in two flavours (natural and maracuya) with toppings that include blueberries, strawberries, mango, canned peaches (why?), nuts and chocolate. Prices top out in the low twenty Pesos.

While I find Zog to be more than satisfactory, for some reason I’m more of a fan of Top It which has three locations in Buenos Aires – two in Centro and the other a few blocks from Zog. While I’ve only been to their outpost on Gorriti, they seem to have a bit more character (lawn chairs outside the front door) and offering four toppings doesn’t hurt either.

Other frozen yogurt options in Buenos Aires include Pink Frost and Yogurteria.

What’s your favourite frozen yogurt in Buenos Aires? Add your suggestions to the comments below.

Photo from the Top It Facebook Page

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