The best gym (gimnasio) in Buenos Aires

Gimnasio Buenos Aires

The best gym in Buenos Aires is the Megatlon in Barrio Norte. For anyone who knows anything about Buenos Aires gyms (gimnasios), the name Megatlon should be familiar. Megatlon is the largest chain of gyms in the city. There are more then 20 locations and, in general, the facilities (and prices) far outpace all of their rivals.

The thing to know about Megatlon, though, is that not all their gyms are created equal. The one in Villa Crespo is in need of a major upgrade and the relatively puny one in the Alto Palermo shopping mall really has no excuse for charging the prices they do.

The Megatlon in Barrio Norte (a couple of blocks from the Callao subte stop), however, is worth every penny. The gym is seven stories and features an indoor lap pool, two kids pools, a spinning studio, a space for yoga and other classes, a large weight and cardio area split over two floors AND they’re open Sundays and until midnight during the week. You really don’t need anything else. Better yet, Megatlon has two price levels for their gyms (regular and premium) and somehow this one doesn’t fall into the premium category – I’m guessing because it’s been around for longer than most of their other locations.

If Megatlon doesn’t do the trick, here are few other gyms I’d recommend:

  • Sport Club: This is Megatlon’s closest rival with 15 locations in the Capital, plus more in surrounding areas. In general, I found Sport Club’s facilities to be older and smaller than most Megatlon ones but the quality (and offerings) vary widely by location.
  • Thamyra Gym Centre: For those looking for a gym in Palermo Soho, this is one worth considering. The cardio and weight equipment is decent enough and regular classes are offered in yoga, pilates and spinning.
  • Crossfit Tuluka: This is Palermo Hollywood’s best gym option. You have to be into the crossfit method of training to want to workout here, but for those who are you could do a lot worse than this place. They offer various weekly program options to suit different needs (and budgets).

What do you think is the best gym in Buenos Aires?

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